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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures That Didn't Make the Cut

In honor of my howlingly funny friend, Rebekah, who writes an annual "Christmas Card Reject" post each year, I thought I'd share some pictures that were funny and sweet.  Sophie Bushong you are a treasure!

This next one is my personal favorite... 

Charlotte and I have matching bracelets, along with her two grandmother's 

And finally, a picture of The Bribe.  I'm lucky we got some shots that didn't have Charlotte drooling blue jellybean all down her face.  

Catch Up

So it's been a while.  Sorry about that.  I tend to blog in fits and spurts, only writing when it sounds good to me and/or when I've got time to do it.

So it's been five weeks.  And what a five weeks it's been!  I'll just share some highlights to catch you up alittle in our goings and doings.

For our nine year anniversary, we headed north to Kohler, WI for one night away.  And saw this driving home next to us on our way back:

Ahhhh, Wisconsin.  And yes, that's a dead doe strapped to a four wheeler driving down Highway 41.

And then, we hosted a small Thanksgiving at our house, here are a few highlights, beginning with my attempts at a pretty table.  I am no Martha Stewart and I shall leave it at that.

After lunch, Charlotte Grace II reads on the couch with Charlotte Grace I.

We started that morning out at our local Starbucks, the entire family decked out in Dallas Cowboys attire, much to the amusement of other customers.  Also, Sam got a haircut.

And lastly, a big moment in the baby's life.  Sandra, one of our favorite baristas, decided Charlotte was old enough to get her own whipped cream cup at our weekly family Friday date.

I'm afraid there's no turning back from here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Scariest Santa You've Ever Seen

In honor of it being four days before Christmas Eve, I thought I'd share with you the funniest Santa I've ever seen.  My friend Cris has had him since she was a little girl:

...and then you turn him on, and he begins to hurk and jerk, swaying and swinging his bell wildly and THEN his eyes light up into a piercing, fiery orange...

and then he's not so much funny/ha ha anymore as funny/SCARY.