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Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh What a Day!

Sam and I headed out for our morning walk today, I could almost write a children's book on how perfect it was.  Not a cloud in the sky, the song of robins in our ears, and the smell of these cillas that hit us both like a wave of delicious sweetness after a desolate winter.

We saw some friends over at the Alumni office of the College, walked to one of my favorite stores, J. B. Winterberry and bought a new candle to make the house smell like spring, (Nouvelle's Tuscan Currant, and you get a free box of vintage large matches for the next five days!), picked up supper at the Meat Market (london broil on the grill with mashed potatoes and a mixed greens mandarin orange salad), and finally ended up at the park where Sam laughed his head off on the swings.  It's been a wonderful day.

I am, however, now procrastinating because the Forestry Division of the City just dumped an entire truckload of free wood-chips into the driveway.  Someone needs to move it into the backyard so we can get our cars into the garage.  12 cubic feet.  It looks like a lot more then that...higher then my head.  
Oh well, I didn't work out today.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is Sam eating the Cillas in that picture? ;)

It looks BEAUTIFUL. I love Wheaton in the spring.

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me, Kristin who wrote that. :)

Jen said...

Actually I think he picked a fist full of dirt and shoved it into his mouth. Mmmmm, warm earth. :)