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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vanilla Marshmallows

In the interest of promoting summertime s'mores... head to your nearest Trader Joe's to load up on THESE.  They were better then homemade, great right out of the package.  Heaven, when combined with their cinnamon homemade graham crackers and a bar of 56% Valrhona chocolate.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great articles. I read this one about the marshmallows and tried them last year, they were great. My TJ's doesn't carry them any longer, but the good news is I found the guys that make them for TJ's. I needed marshmallows for a camping trip and did some searching on line and found the exact marshmallow down to the little white tray at . I hate to waste time and money on bad products especially candy/chocolate, so if you are looking for thses marshmallows go to the site above. I've tried a few different items of theirs and they are super.
Thanks again for the Blog,