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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sam and I were out for our morning walk around town today when my ears perked up.  

There was that sound, the sound I long for during the dog days of August: the wind blowing crunchy fallen leaves across the street.  We even saw a tree yesterday that started turning colors.  And the breeze even smelled different today, call me crazy.  I know my friend Anna will groan, but we can't wait.  Down comforters on the bed with the windows cracked, butternut squash risotto, and cozy evenings listening to Nat King Cole while reading by the I come!  I don't dare admit to you that yes, I did pull out all the gourds and fall decorations yesterday.  Just don't tell anyone.  Even earlier then last year.

Little Buddy and I had a Chai Latte at Starbucks in anticipatory celebration.  


Anna said...

I'm just shaking my head.

Jen said...

Yeah, whatever. Deny all you want...but you live in CHICAGO you know. And we're glad to have you Arkansas's girl.