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Friday, October 17, 2008

A Momentous Occasion: The Barbershop with Great Grandpa

Today Sam went for his first "Man" cut at Sheridan's Barbershop, after our weekly family date at Starbucks this morning.  We've been waving and walking by these barbers since Sam was born, seeing as they're located right beside the local Starbucks.  

Great Grandpa also needed a haircut, so we decided to have a four generation span in the two chairs.  Unfortunately my dad missed out, needing to be at work in the city.

Sam helps Barber Mark with the brush, maintaining a mouthful of fruit snacks all the while.

Immediately after the flash went off in this picture, Sam burst into a glorious smile.  Thanks a lot Buddy.
How blessed and happy we are to have our precious family so close by for memories like these!  A perfect Friday morning.

1 comment:

astapp said...

Love this last shot. I'm dying to spend some time with Sam!!!

Miss you.