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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Easy Meals

I'll admit it, I've been lazy.

Like, really lazy when it comes to our week night meals. I wanted to quickly share a few that took less then 30 minutes to pull together and really were no trouble at all. All of these rated a "I'd eat that again," from Scott.

1) Chicken Chili Verde (mexican frozen section at Trader Joes), cooked until reduced by half on the stove top, then add a cup of frozen corn and a cup (or less) of shredded cheese, stir until melted
-Serve on warmed tortillas with with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream

2) Trader Joe's Marinated Mahi Mahi filets, grilled, I added fresh lime juice and kosher salt
-served with white rice (I made it with half pineapple juice and half water, added shredded pineapple and the juice and zest from one lime after it was cooked)
-steamed green beans in their bag, also from Trader Joe's, tossed with lemon juice

3) Good pasta tossed with pesto, sun dried tomatoes and peas
-I'm sauteing chicken apple sausage to throw in there too tonight, almost all these ingredients are also from Trader Joes...are you sensing a theme?


Dana Wilkins said...

Your cousin, Anita Johnson, is a good friend of mine and she told me of your blog. I too am an avid, actually obsessed, fan of Trader Joes, as are many here in Delafield. In fact Anita may have told you about my personal campaign to get a TJ here in the Lake Country. I just sent out a plea to my many friends to help me out. The two closest TJ's are in north Milwaukee and Madison. Blah.
Also, I love TJ sample recipes and one that I LOVED and make often is what I call "3 Can Soup". One can of "Marinated Bean Salad", one can Chunky Salsa (I use mild), and one can Chunk chicken or turkey. Heat it all up and enjoy! It is quick, easy and great in the winter!

KoStark said...

so, how much is TJ paying you? :-)