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Monday, September 17, 2007

A Cupcake Tasting

It's happening. One of my very best friends is pursuing her dream to become a professional in the restaurant world.

I got an exclusive invitation the other a cupcake tasting party, a CHOCOLATE cupcake tasting party, to be exact. Oh the joys of that evening, the succulent, moist cakes and creamy frostings we tried and tested! I don't know how this amazing mother of three has the energy to pull together 9 different types of cupcakes and frostings at 8:30pm on a weeknight, but she bakes like a woman inspired.

Keep reading for more details, my buddy A is on the brink of something wonderful and it was fun to be present as history was being made.

I would have paid good money for this dessert here... like at least $10. So delicious.


Anonymous said...

I'd pay at least $12.!!! YUMMEROO!

When is opening day?! I'll be in line!


J said...

Sometime in mid October...A seems to think it'll be a bit later though. There was a big shipment of stuff out there today though, so we'll see! They've got mac and cheese on the menu, and a great looking grilled cheese with aged cheddar and tomato. Mmmm.

Jane said...

Has the restaurant opened? I've just discovered your blog (through a search about Nosh) and must taste one of these desserts!

Jen said...

Sorry to get back to you...only eight months later. :) Gotta learn how to use the comment monitoring feature. Honey is open and is already an incredible success. Highlights: the pancake tasting, the grilled cheese (ask for "easy" butter, it's pretty greasy otherwise) and the burger tasting. Anna's cupcakes are a given, you must go for carrot cake or chocolate!