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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sam's First Meal

And so it's begun, the adventure into the world of rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bite sized finger foods and stinky diapers. Sam took to it like a pro, but seemed more interested in eating his bib at moments then what was on the spoon. I apologize again for the high pitched baby-talk babbling, I forget how little I like hearing my voice on recordings. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

okay, now who would think that a video of Sammie eating who bring me to tears?
Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, now who knew I couldn't spell or write a complete sentence? And would you spell it Sammie or Sammy? I'll stick with Sam. lol

J said...

In my mind I spell it Sammy, but Sam is becoming the main name thus far. We shall see what he grows into.