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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Haircut!

I don't even think he officially needed one, but I couldn't help myself.  

As it turns out, Scott was REALLY bummed that I did it without him.  I think he was hoping we'd go ahead and use the's alittle soon for an all over buzz, honey.  

Don't even ask why I'm posting at 2 in the morning.  Can't sleep, so I'll search eBay and blog instead.  

Sigh, stupid hormones.


Anonymous said...

Glad you posted at 2 gave me something adorable to look at between farewells this morning! Great photos! I've been missing your posts! Have a wonderful GRAY day!

Jen said...

:) Glad it made you smile. I'm heading to Honey today finally to try some pancakes and coffee, the perfect thing to do on this gray and yucky day!

Cakespy said...

Jen, this is precious. I know I came across it a week or so later, but this is the cutest first haircut face I have seen...ever. That face!!!

Jen said...

He cracks me up too, life is good! :) Great to hear from you, I made your peanut butter brownies with the ganache and DIED. Oh my goodness.

The Scatterbrain said...

My mother had kept a bit of my baby hair for me... I still love lookin at it and thinking of how much she must have adored giving me a haircut as baby!