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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things I Ate Today

Grace is in town and guess where we went today.  (Sam stayed home for a playdate with Grandma.)

-A fried plantain with spicy peanut sauce (taste portion)
-Cumin dusted fries with a mango sauce (not good at all)
-Taste portion of gazpacho soup (pretty good, refreshing)
-Sweet potato hash browns (taste portion, blah)
-A Rainbow ice cream cone (taste portion, sad.  Go for the whole cone next year.)
-Spicy orange chicken with white rice (awesome)
-A samosa filled with potato, peas and spices (spicy, steamingly hot)
-1/2 Chicago style Vienna Beef hotdog
-Wildberry sorbet that beat everything else hands down.

Things I WISH I ate but ran out of tickets/stomach space:
-Coconut butterflied shrimp (cost too many tickets)
-Robinson's BBQ rib tips (too little stomach space)
-Coconut Lime Sorbet (couldn't find it)
-An ear of roasted sweet corn (too hot by then, sticky and full)
-1/2 Billy Goat Tavern cheeseburgers (they were 4 tickets and we only had 3 left)

All in all, the ideal way to enjoy The Taste of Chicago.  It was warm but not humid, sunny but not scorching, my friend and I split everything so we weren't sick-full, and we got to play in the fountain at Millennium Park when we were done.  
Pretty much the perfect day.  And when Buddy wakes up from his long nap we'll pack a picnic supper and catch a quick dip in Great-Grandma's pool to wash off the grime and sweat from the day as the sun goes down.  


astapp said...

It really does sound like a perfect day. I called while you were out and got chat with your Mom. What a treat! Love you.

Jen said...

I have thought about you every day this week, wishing that we could have a long chat. Maybe this weekend? So much to talk about. XOXO

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! I miss going to the Taste. Have a happy 4th!