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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our Favorite Winter Fruit

I will be forever indebted to my friend in California, Amy, who first introduced me to this wonderful winter fruit.  Pomegranates are now in season and they are our family's favorite winter fruit by a long shot.  Scott will eat a bowl of these like cereal, with a spoon.  I enjoy them by the handful, sprinkled over salads and cereal.  Sam just likes them.  Any way, how, or where.
They are a bit time consuming to open and peel, Pom's website has a great diagram.  I think it is well worth the time spent, especially when you consider how great they are for you.  If you chew up the seed, it's high in fiber too!
Springbrook Market is selling them for .89 cents a piece, the best deal in town.  Otherwise, you'll pay around $3 for one at Jewel or Dominicks.  Happy peeling!


Megan said...

So do you have any good tips for extracting the flesh/seeds without staining everything within a 6 foot radius crimson? :-)

Jen said...

Fill a big bowl of water and crack them open underneath the water. You can run your fingers along the seeds and pop them out without getting stained too!

megan said...

I'd heard that one before--glad to know it really works, thanks!

astapp said...

Hi friend. Glad to see you're enjoying pom's this season. Garett's dad is sending some down from his tree because I'm dying at the $3 each price tag for the only good ones I can find around here. I found some cheaper ones for a dollar but got them home and all three were nasty. SO disappointing. Miss you.