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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trying to Cook on Thanksgiving Eve

Why, oh why did Sam decide to drop his morning nap today?  I was attempting to start making this, along with a traditional sour cream cranberry coffee cake that my mom always makes (we cut it in half and share it with a neighbor) and apple sage stuffing.  And the gravy.  And a pecan pie.
My 18 month old sous chef didn't quite understand what his role was supposed to be in the process.  
I am anxiously awaiting Scott's return here within the hour and fully intend on taking a long hot shower during Sam's afternoon nap to recover.  Then I may escape to sit in Starbucks for an hour or two and make Scott vacuum downstairs.  
Hope your Thanksgiving is warm and full of family and good food!  Ours will be!


megan said...

Oh, welcome to toddler mommyhood. :-D

astapp said...

I'm laughing with you and also in need of a long hot shower. I'm anxious to hear how the turkey turns out this year and will anxiously await your morning-after blog post with all the details. Sadly (or, perhaps, gladly), the closest I'm getting to cooking this year is picking up Pumpkin Pinwheels from my favorite bread store, House of Bread, to bring to my sister-in-laws. Mmmmmm....
I love you, friend, and continue to be grateful for our friendship.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Sam looks like he is thoroughly enjoying "the process"!! :) We are having beautiful weather here in M'boro and just got back to G.A.'s house from 17th Street!!! Brian had a nice long chat with Mike Mills (the pit master) and is now in "hog-heaven"... no pun intended! So, be ready for a pork trial.....yum!
Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing you Sunday and kicking off the Christmas season!!

Love you.