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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to Central Coast, California

These pictures are LONG overdue, I had a dream trip back in February to see my precious friend Amy out in San Luis Obispo.  Our first night we stayed at this brilliant little place with Yurts, called Treebones.  Check it out, great concept and super affordable for that part of the country.
Cozy little bedroom with a sink and an electric heater.  Now that's what I call camping!

I was obsessed with the fact that succulents grow in the wild out there...who knew those tiny plants at Trader Joe's in the pots had flowers!

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Anonymous said...

B and I camped at Treebones a few years ago at Amy's suggestion - except we pitched a tent. Nothing like camping with a hot tub, waffle breakfast, and ocean view! That place was great!

Beautiful pictures you have---I can't believe there is snow on the coastal range. I haven't been there the right time of year to ever see that, I guess!