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Monday, April 13, 2009


I saw a big display of these at Target on Friday and could not stop cracking up about them.  Does this strike anyone else as a little strange? (Almost as strange as me taking a picture of the peeps at Target)  And dangerous for white carpeting and sticky hands.

They're watching you, always watching.


Elle said...

Ok, I totally just laughed out loud in my AdolescantLit Class. This is so creepy.

Anonymous said...

You are totally odd!
And, ummmm, Elle, you are in class looking at Jenni's blog?!?!


Jen said...

Hilarious that your mom busted you Elle! And Kath, can I come by sometime this weekend or next week to bring you that CD with all those wedding pics on it? I can burn them to your computer so you'll have them too! If you want them...there are some sweet ones with the girls!