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Friday, April 09, 2010


Our Easter Sunday passed by in such a blur I can hardly remember it. We were up at 5:45 am, out the door of our house by 6:50 am, fully dressed with breakfast and lunch packed to eat in the car. I was under the delusion that we needed to get into the city by 8:00 inorder to find parking around our church and have decent seats for the service.

We pull up and we are one of five people there. Literally. We killed an hour and a half hanging out upstairs and then sitting in the front row, letting Sam listen to the orchestra and choir rehearse. I wish I had had the energy to take picture of him, standing over by the massive bass drum in the percussion section, hands balled up into fists, DYING to grab a stick and start banging on it. The thing towered over him, I think it was as tall as I was. "Sam, you can't touch that honey, they are rehearsing right now." "I DO touch it, Mom, I DO touch it ALL OVER." Sigh.

The service was amazing, with a 40 piece orchestra and massive choir, awesome sermon and testimony. My heart and soul have been craving worship and fellowship since the baby has been born and this felt so sweet.

So we jump back into the car and drive home, picking up the cheesecake and changes of clothes and head to Great Grandma's for Easter dinner with 25 of our extended family. So fun to introduce Charlotte to them all and eat Maggiano's and watch Sam do his second egg hunt of the weekend.

After a few hours of visiting and no nap for Sam, we finally ended up at Scott's parents house for the final egg hunt, fun time with cousins and aunts and uncles, and a thunderstorm that had threatened all day.

I was exhausted, and saddened that at NO point in the day did we get a picture of us as a family, let alone in our Easter finery. HOW do people do that by the way? I am seeing all these adorable pictures of people's kids on Easter posted on Facebook, at what point in the day do you take them? Getting out the door to church on time was the best I could do this year. Oh well.

I did get a picture of Sam's shirt at the end of the day, showing remnents of all the egg hunts he experienced. What a whirlwind and fun day! He is Risen!

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