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Thursday, April 08, 2010


I was on the phone in our front room for a few minutes while Sam was supposedly watching a movie in the family room, chilling out post-nap.

Walking into the kitchen, I come upon this. "WHAT are you doing Sam?!?" "I painting with da sugar, Mom."

No idea where he comes up with this stuff. I must not be providing him with enough art supplies, he's obviously ready for more then watercolors.


Megan said...

My daughter has a whole BOX of art supplies, and yet I came downstairs one morning to find her using our stash of bandaids instead of scotch tape. She thought they were prettier. :-)

Anita Johnson said...

Elliot "painted" my kitchen walls with a wood stained rag that I had been using on an old piece of furniture. He got it out of the garbage. Sadly, shabby chic, wasn't in back then. He's ready for markers!

Anonymous said...

Water proof, of course!! ;)