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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

I don't know any other three year olds who could have possibly enjoyed a better birthday. And it's not even over yet, we have a party with his cousins in June. I cannot believe he's three. People always talked about how fast it all goes, but now I'm really seeing it. The baby days are behind us, I have a boy on my hands now.

This little man (who, when asked how old he is, answers "Fourteen. I fourteen.") was awake at 5:30 in the morning and had to be bribed back into his room to accept a birthday tray with candles, juice and a banana chocolate chip muffin. He opened presents, got balloons and then joined us at Starbucks for our weekly family "date."

Tim, the manager, thought he deserved an extra special treat. On top of the banana chocolate chip muffin. Hence the massive cup of whipped cream. It "disappeared" after a few bites. I'm not sure where it went.

We had a party for my side of the family and some dear friends on Sunday. Let me tell you, Uncle Julio's Mexican not only is a great restaurant, but they do an amazing job with carryout food. We had chips, salsa, guac, faijitas, chicken enchiladas, Front Street Cocina Margaritas for the adults and a pretty darn awesome chocolate cake. The frosting was from Martha Stewart and is now my favorite chocolate frosting. How could you NOT go right with cream cheese, creme freche, bittersweet chocolate AND cocoa powder? It was soooo good, especially cold out of the fridge the next few days. I mean I HEARD that it was good. Ahem.

So aside from birthday celebration and preparation, we've just been busy. I don't know where the last few weeks have flown. Charlotte is three months old now, smiles and chuckles and is just generally a lovely little person. I can't get her to go eight hours regularly yet, but that's asking alot for just a few months. Birth announcement is finally done, now to just print them and get them sent.

It's supposed to be in the seventies all week and sunny. Praise the Lord it's time to get outside.


Mindy said...

I think the cake looks great and yummy! Happy Birthday Sam - yes, truly a little man now:)

astapp said...

This post made me grin from ear to ear. I only wish I could have been part of the celebration. I also noticed the Viognier on your list to the left. I love the Honey Moon too! Now to email you from my personal email... :)

Katie said...

Love the BR top - you look darling! Happy Birthday to Sam!!! -kgb