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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


A rattling noise makes it's way under my pillow into my ears at 6:13 am this morning. It's coming from down the hallway, what could it be?

I rise groggily from bed to check it out and come upon this scene.

"Whatcha doing Sam?"
"You hungry Mom? I making you breakfast!"

Oh my sweet son, love your creativity, just not the hour. Good job cracking your first egg yesterday for our buttermilk pancake dinner, I hope it leads to many great meals in your life.


Anita Johnson said...

This is SO cute and that video...priceless. I love how absorbed he was in that big bowl!

astapp said...

I love this! And I'm also amused that we both did blog posts entitled Evidence on the same day last week. Eeeeerrrrie... Miss you.