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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Food, Glorious food!

After three weeks of reaching for food off my plate and fork, Charlotte had her first taste of rice cereal last night. Personally I believe she was massively disappointed, it was a complete letdown. It's almost like her face says, "This? This is what you all spend so much time eating and making?!?" It's like it was all a big trick.

I'm posting "Take 2" because Scott filmed Take 1 and felt the need to add a pretty hilarious commentary that I don't think he'd appreciate being made public. "You go girl! Get on that!" and the like. That and he kept me in the frame.



Liz said...

noah had his first feeding last night too! we fed him barley cereal and our chunky monkey LOVED it. seeing as how he's gained weight so rapidly, we weren't surprised at all :)

Anita Johnson said...

When can she have ice cream? :-)

KoStark said...

poor thing, she sure sound disappointed...did you mix it w/ breast milk? or just water?

Jen said...

Breastmilk. It just looks so gross too. I'm ready to break out mangos baby!

hockymom79 said...

Man, Mom, break out the good stuff!! I think she knows you're holding out on her. :-)