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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Big Hot Mess

"Do you wanna make a CAVE, Ma?" The dreaded words pass Sam's lips four times at least each day. Actually he pronounces cave more like, "CAID," it's cute. Cute but so annoying to my obsessively anal, neat-loving personality.

This new stage has lasted approximately two months. At any point on any day Sam may decide to take all the cushions, pillows and blankets off our sectional couch, just for the heck of it. If he's lucky, either his father or I will prop up cushions and create a roof for him with a blanket. I never know when I'll come across an attempted "caid" in my bedroom, six king-sized pillows strewn everywhere in mounds.

It is such a challenge for me to allow him to do this freely. Why is that? Why do I feel the need to keep the house organized and put away at all times? It must be incredibly stifling for him, he loves to have all his toys out, where he can see them and go from one to another. I realize that developmentally this is important for him, and someday for Charlotte too, but every time I hear him ask for a cave my innards quiver and shake.

Maybe I should go see somebody about this little problem of mine. Any suggestions?


Anita Johnson said...

Get used to it. It's unavoidable. And just when you think you can't take it anymore, they add string to the mess with GI Joes hanging from it. Soooooo, have a nice day, Jenny! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sadie is also very fond of making "CABES" - it must be a three year old thing.