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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Boys Go "Camping"

So all summer Scott has been wanting to "sleep in the backyard" with Sam.  It finally happened last Friday night, when the temperature dropped to a low of 39 degrees that night.

The evening commenced with a trip to Walgreens for s'mores ingredients.  All of this was conceived and executed by Scott, by the way.  The boys made a fire and roasted marshmallows.  Sam decided he just wanted to leave his on his stick, unroasted, and just look at it.  Not sure where he gets that.  After much dancing around the fire, stick in hand, Sam asked to go inside and watch a movie.  Not much to do in the backyard after it gets dark, evidently.  So, sandwiched between us, he happily watched the 92nd showing of The Incredibles.

And then, after a cozy bath, be-jammied and wool-socked, Sam and Scott headed out into the night.  The tent we received as a wedding gift almost 8 years ago finally had its virgin voyage.  And much to both our surprise, our son slept the best he has in months, OUTSIDE in near freezing weather.  He didn't move until 6:45 am, and popped up, happy as a clam.

I guess that's the key, keep the house at 45 degrees at night and he'll begin to sleep past 5 am.

I, on the other hand, woke every hour that night, looked at the clock, wondered if they were cold and would come in any minute.

And Charlotte slept like a baby.  Wait a second, she is a baby.


Samuel, Evangeline & Violet said...

yay! that is so cute!

Mindy said...

Don't kids sleep through the wackiest conditions that keep us as parents up all night??

Glad they had fun....a treasured memory, I'm sure!

Eric said...

What fun! Scott looks ready to go TP Bob's house!

KoStark said...

so when are you going to venture out and go camping as a family? :-) not just in your backyard... :-)

Anonymous said...

remember that not all babies sleep like charlotte.