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Friday, October 08, 2010

It's a Pumpkin Head

We had a cold family outing last Sunday at Medinah's Fall Fest.  The kids did pretty well, considering the high for the day was a chilly 47 degrees and the sun was well on it's way down by the time we got there.  The reptile man made a showing, and there was a hayride and pumpkin patch that we somehow missed in the craziness.  Oh well, something for next year.

Typical Family Photo session: one child looking at the other child squirming and screaming and trying to run away.

Charlotte's first experience with face painting.

The Hay Pit!

The look on Sam's face here is completely hereditary, I'm afraid I make the same face as I dive facefirst into a plate of my favorite dessert.



Anonymous said...

The look on Sam's face is classic! My brother had a "chocolate face" when an infant and twenty years later it still comes up once in awhile. :-)

- Elise's sister

PS: I love your blog.

Kristin M. said...

Charlotte is SO, SO beautiful! Thanks also for another link to the amazing looking chocoblock macadamia gooey caramel delight that I cannot have.