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Sunday, December 05, 2010

First Snow Day

We got our first official snowfall of the winter on Saturday, gorgeous fluffy white flakes that covered the trees and yard, much to our delight.

Sam could hardly get through his breakfast before wanting to don all the gear and roll in the snow like a puppy.  Charlotte, unfortunately, had to observe from the inside while I made carmelized nuts, rosemary parmesan crackers and salty sweet brownies for a great party that evening.

The peach fuzz of her hair was cracking me up, just floating there in the shadows.

"Hellllooo?  Helllooo?  Anyone remember me?"

"Rats.  Now what do I do?"


Team Whitney said...

That last picture is just too cute!

Also, did she get nailed in the face with a snowball...only to be protected by the window?

Team Whitney said...

Ok never mind...that's just what Hamilton would have done. (I thought in that second to last photo there was a ring of white around her head, but at second look, I think it's just Scott's pant leg.

You all are such a fun family!

Jen said...

Jenny you are TOTALLY right!!! They both threw snowballs at the window between pictures #3 and #4. :) HA! That is Scott's leg though,good eye.

KoStark said...

love the peach fuzzof hair floating there... ;-) she is just precious, goodness, crawling to stand at the window already? LOVE the pictures!!! now, i can see you sitting in the chair sipping your coffee and watching them playing outside and sweet Charlotte at the window...snatching pictures...but oh making carmelized nuts and yummy tasty mouth is watering and thinking of sticky finger and taking pictures... ;-) you're amazing!!!