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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Today at Breakfast

Sam:  "I think I have a baby in my tummy."  He then proceeds to lift his shirt, peering down at his belly.
Me: "I don't think so buddy."
Sam: "Can boys have babies?"
Me: "Nope, only girls have babies."

Semi long pause.  The sound of pancakes being chewed.

Sam: "I want twenty-FIVE babies!"
Me: "Wait, you want to be a BROTHER to twenty-five babies or a DADDY to twenty-five babies?"
Sam: "Da big brodder."
Me: "Gee buddy, I don't know if we have room for twenty-five babies; where would they all sleep?"


Sam: "Well in da crib!"
Me: "Aw honey, we can't fit twenty five babies in Charlotte's crib!"

Another pause.

Sam: "We can stack them!"


Anonymous said...

HaHa! Stack 'em like pancakes Mom! ;)
Adorable! xox0


Anita Johnson said...

Go for it Jen! Maybe they could make a reality TV program about your family...the Brown Stacks. Nice!

astapp said...

I read this aloud to Garett and butchered Sam's sweet voice in the process. He is adorable and quite an engineer in the making.

Mindy said...

Love it!

Jen said...

We had a repeat of this conversation in the car yesterday, the current number of babies wanted is down to twenty, but he is fixated on the stacking idea still.

KoStark said...

so i'm waiting to hear some news... ;-) i had to tell him about this, and he says, "Stack them like the Browns" ;-) LOVE you!!!