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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Well, praise the Lord, summertime has finally hit the Chicago area.  And with it, the pace of life I adore.  The pools officially opened last Saturday, and we have gone three times already.  Walks after dinner to the ice cream shop=once.  Playing outside in the backyard with sand/hose/water toys=23 times.  Sand in the dryer=5 times.  Cozy thunderstorms=3.  Broken hose=one.  Broken hose sprayer=two.  Going potty in the yard ("Can I go 'in emergency' Mom??")=nine times.  He has a special corner way in the back, by the fence.  Just like a dog.    

Charlotte and the red swing are BFF's.  She will sit in it for an hour, and Sam will push her for me while I read a book on the back deck, lemonade in hand.  Just kidding.

This position is known in our family as "the shield."  She sucks on her first two fingers and "shields" it or "guards" with her arm.  Hilarious.  It's like she doesn't want anyone to see.

Love from Big Brother.  And a nice push.  Thanks Buddy.

Spiderman.  We've moved our undying love from Superman already.

And the sandbox.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.

So does Charlotte.

"Wait, what did he just put down my back?!"

"Mmmm, that looks yummy."

Busy, fun days ahead.  I have a hard time taking pictures, it is impossible at the pool unless there are two other adults with me.  :)  Thanks to Sophie for taking these while babysitting one day!


Team Whitney said...

I can totally relate to the love/hate relationship with the sandbox. We've got one at our closest park and I know it will keep the kids happily occupied for hours, but I still sometimes go the long way (the whole extra block) to another park to avoid the clean-up.

Love those pictures. Charlotte's getting so big!

Anita Johnson said...

I can't believe how big Charlotte is getting and your latest video of Sam singing brought a big smaile to my face...Summer is here finally too! Yipeeeee!

astapp said...

Thank you so much for posting these pics. Charlotte is a beauty, no surprise. And "the shield" cracks me up. Maybe we can talk tomorrow? I'm beginning to feel better after a 26 hour travel day to get home. Miss you.