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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Ridiculously Amazing Weekend

I am hesitant to even talk about the pure bliss that we were able to experience last weekend, mostly for free, due to the generosity of one of the vendors Scott uses for his work.  They put us (and 250 of their other favorite independent financial advisors) up at the Peninsula Hotel for two nights.    

This was the same firm that I had worked for, years ago, as an inside wholesaler.  I was so young and obnoxious, full of blond, bubble-headed giddiness, that it made me slightly reticent to show my face as Scott's "guest."  Thankfully, everyone I ran into was nothing but gracious, and that made me realize how awesome those early years out of school really were, for many reasons.

The pool area on the 20th floor is one of the best spots in the city to nap, read a magazine, zone out, whatever.  Incredible views!

Friday morning Scott had meetings from 8:00am-2:15pm, so after joining him just for kicks for the first hour, I took the opportunity to spend time with a friend I don't see enough of, starting with a great breakfast at Pierrot Gourmet in the bottom of the hotel.  Besides the unparalleled lattes, it is a wonderful spot to pretend that you are in Paris, lolling the day away on their sidewalk cafe, chic black sunglasses come in handy.  I didn't have any, so they didn't let us sit outside.

Just kidding.  It's also a good stop for a bowl of homemade soup and good bread in the winter, really warm and cozy.  The almond croissant I tried left much to be desired, so I'd save your food calories for something else.  Or walk to Fox and Obel and get one of theirs instead.

One of the highlights of our time there was Scott's midday text to me, "I am eating lunch 8 feet from Tom Hanks.  Come to the lobby."
He took this grainy picture with his phone, under the guise of checking email, and caught poor Mr. Hanks eating something that looks delicious.  Steven Spielberg was sitting next to him, curly grey hair, wire rim glasses and a fedora on his head.  We thought they were in town to do publicity for the Larry Crowne release that weekend.

But perhaps my favorite moment of the weekend was walking to a spur of the moment dinner at Frontera Grill, just me and my best friend, a gorgeous night downtown in my favorite city.

Thanks for letting me be your "guest," honey.


Mrs Wooga said...

Ahhh, the life you glad you had a grand time. I still haven't eaten at Frontera. Someday.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Alright, let me just say a few things here.

1. That last picture is just too cute.

2. I love almond croissants too! (I'll tell you a story about them next time I see you.)

3. I think I should see you soon.

4. I've never been to Frontera Grill either. Maybe Mrs. Wooga and I should go there and you can chaperone us. :)

5. Glad you had a good weekend!

Anita Johnson said...

Oh, does this look like fun! And yes, the last photo is the best.