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Friday, July 01, 2011

Fresh Corn Salad with Lime and Nectarines

This was one of those recipes that I attempted to throw together based on the memory of a salad I had long ago, at a party catered by A Movable Feast in Geneva.  It was fresh corn, diced cantaloupe (in theirs), basil I think and lots of fresh lime juice.  The combination of flavors at the height of summer was over the top with deliciousness.

Our salad last night easily rivaled it, enough so that I wanted to share.  You can add or subtract ingredients based on what you have on hand and what is ripe.  Here's what we used:

-4 ears of sweet corn, cooked but still crunchy, cut off the cob
-2 ripe nectarines, chopped small (I also had a ripe apricot that I threw in there, yum)
-1 red bell pepper, chopped small
-about 8 basil leaves, chiffonaded, more or less to taste
-salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
-the juice of one lime, or two if you want a stronger flavor, taste it before adding more
-a handful of feta cheese, to taste
-you could also add a splash of fruity olive oil, although I did not  

This would be the perfect dish to bring to a 4th of July barbecue, just about everything can be bought at Saturday's farmer's market, and it'll stand at room temperature really well.  Hope you enjoy!

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