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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Very Serious Ring Bearer

Next Saturday Sam will be the ring bearer in our cousin Ally's wedding, the one where she's marrying our other cousin (third one from the other side), Ben.  We take our official wedding roles very seriously around here.

Sam is very excited and proud of his new "man" clothes.  I however, am overwhelmed with all the new components to worry about: man socks, man shoes, a mini-man belt, a dress shirt, tie, vest, jacket, and then, of course, the most important piece of the equation:

This bag of carefully chosen jelly beans that will be waiting for him at the end of the aisle, dangled by his beloved aunt "Gecka" in the pew, where he will sit and eat them quietly for the duration of the ceremony.  If all goes according to plan.  Is that ok with you, Jess?  I forgot to ask.  Ha ha.

"How slow do I need to walk, Mom?"  "How far do we need to walk to the wedding?"  "Can I throw the pillow?"  These are a few of the questions being asked currently.

We will keep you updated as to how it goes.  Stand by.


Kristin M. said...

Soooo Cute! Nothing like the anticipation of candy!

Anonymous said...

My goodness. Judging by your recipe list, you certainly cater for your sweet-tooth!  ;)