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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adventures in Food

So one of the other things I've been dabbling in lately is helping my friend, Anna Davidson, with a few catering jobs here and there.  She, in my opinion, is brilliant.  Anna already is an established professional baker and a creative cook, it has been so much fun to watch as she takes on larger jobs.  I just like hanging around her, learning tricks of the trade and being part of the process.  

Early this month, we (mostly she, I just followed minor orders) did two first communion lunches for sixty people at two different homes one weekend, and then the following weekend, a Cinco de Mayo party for eighty(!) at a woman's house in Hinsdale.  Here are some of the items we made...hope they make you salivate:

Mini chipotle burgers with caramelized onions and arugula on homemade buns

Anna made a total of 96 cupcakes: red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, lemon chiffon and my personal favorite, peanut butter frosting over chocolate cake

Chicken nachos with fresh tomato salsa, beef skewers with two dipping sauces, grilled shrimp skewers...

A delicious avocado salsa, full of bright lime flavor

Southwestern chicken nachos, another favorite

Roasted sweet potato salad with corn, black bean and roasted red peppers

I want this.  Now.  The frosting is indescribably delicious, and the chocolate cake is super moist and rich.

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Kristin M. said...

YUM! So fun to see all that you guys made! I'm glad that you have caught up with your blogging. I missed it!