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Friday, August 11, 2006

My Least Favorite Things Regarding August

Being Hot.

Being Hot and Sweaty.

My sticky thighs.

Hair sticking to the back of my neck.

Mosquito's biting the back of my arms as I weed the garden.

Air so pregnant with moisture it's difficult to breathe.

Damp towels because I'm taking two showers a day.

Rabbits de-flowering the squash and pumpkin vines. I have nothing to show for three months of monstrous vines taking over the yard.

Having to wear pants and two layers of tops to survive the 61 degree Office, then sweating through them ALL as I walk home from the train.

No legal holidays all month.

Summer colds that stuff you up and leave you with an annoying, hacking, horsey cough.

How the grass looks after a long summer of blazing sun and a few trickles of rain.

Looking around at all my co-worker's empty desks: they are on vacation somewhere lovely and cool, like northern Michigan. I, am not.

How long Friday feels on a deadly quiet August afternoon in the bond business.

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