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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bliss at Claimjumpers

The Chicago suburbs are new lucky recipients of the football sized, baked fresh daily, Chocolate Eclair, to be found at Claimjumper's in Lombard. My mom-in-law and three sister's-in-law split it this past Monday night and I had to physically restrain myself from burying my face in it and snorting the hot fudge up my nose.

Our waiter-in-training called us "dolls" and proceeded to tell us about his girlfriend being seven weeks pregnant, then about his sister who is ALSO pregnant, with a convicted felon's child. But then he brought out four individual dishes of whipped cream to go with the eclair, so it was all ok.

I highly recommend the California citrus chopped salad and the mini cheeseburger "sliders."

Mmmmm. I love food. 

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