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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Few Favorite Things Regarding September

  • Crisp evenings where you leave the windows open at night and snuggle under your down comforter
  • Making apple pie and enjoying the fragrance as it bakes, wafting through the house and smelling of buttery cinnamon and apples
  • Wearing jeans and fleece again
  • Breaking out the fall decorations for the house: S counted over 65 gourd related items on display last year. Evidently we're at over 80 right now, and pumpkins haven't even arrived at Home Depot yet. I smell a "soap" problem...
  • The scent of (illegally) burning leaves
  • Welcoming back my Ugg boots. Yes, I know they're totally "out," but how can you go wrong wearing something that feels like a house slipper to work?
  • Chicago weather in the fall--it is awesome, and is definitely the best time of year to visit.
  • My birthday, because I am secretly still an eight-year-old and love an excuse to celebrate and get presents
  • The clear, sapphire blue color of the sky in September
  • Coming home from work and preparing comfort food for dinner-- beef bourguignonne, white chicken chili with corn bread muffins, whole roasted chicken with lemon and thyme and mashed potatoes and on and on. Winter foods are my favorites!
  • Making a fire in our soon-to-exist fireplace
  • The colors of fall: burnt sienna, warm reds and sunny reminds me of Tuscany

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