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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

I woke up this morning with that song rolling through my mind.
It stayed there as I showered, dressed and got on the train for my workday. You see, I've been on "vacation" this past week, up in lovely South Haven, MI. "Vacation," because there were 10 adults and 7 children, under the age of 4, mind you, in a seven bedroom rental house, built back circa 1971.
Just a few snippets:

-It rained steadily Sunday-Tuesday.

-Scott and I were lucky enough to have the bedroom without a door, down in the basement. We did, however, get to "upgrade" midweek.  That was nice.

-The sun came out Wednesday and Thursday and playing in the warm sand down at the beach felt glorious after being cooped up.

-We only had to call 911 once.  Not even lying.
-Watching from far above, up on the bluff, as my husband and his two brothers ran buck naked, down 156 steps, onto the beach and into 57 degree water as the sun set behind the lake. The three brothers were preceded by three naked toddlers, who wanted to emulate their dads. The boys lost a bet to their dad on the golf course and we were all secretly grateful-- no one wanted to see Grandpa naked.
-Seeing respectfully firsthand just how hard it is to be a fulltime Mom (or Dad), and feeling something like the joyful exuberance a parent must feel as I played with, read to, and told stories to my nieces and nephews. The the look of wide-eyed wonder in their faces was priceless.

-Hearing an endless stream of hilariously stupid stories each night after the kids went to bed. It's good to get to know your spouse and his family better through things like that.

It was nice to get away. But it's even nicer to be home, and with a three day weekend ahead of us.

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