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Sunday, October 28, 2007


I just woke up from a two hour Sunday nap and can't get over how much LESS crabby I feel. Amazing what sleep will do for you. Too bad I have to now go play piano for an evening church service with fuzzy nap hair, funky nap breath, and sweaty nap wrinkles on my face. At least the people sit far enough away to probably not notice.

On another note, FOUR more days until the Red Cup arrives! When it does, I declare that Christmas music may be played to full effect. I can already taste that egg nog latte.


Nicole said...

that is SO funny b/c I was going to blog about the Red Cup today...i was at SB and asked them when it was to be unveiled.

Never soon enough, in my opnion! why does every drink taste better in the Red Cup?

J said...

Not sure but you are RIGHT. I do have a friend who collected all of the funky cup sleeves...remember the different designs from last year? We are Starbucks groupies.