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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charlotte Grace

Born Friday afternoon, February 19th, at 12:59 pm after a quick 5 1/2 hour delivery, Charlotte Grace entered the world. Our heads are still spinning, and trying to keep up on sleep while chasing our Sam is impossible, but three days into it, we are happy and content.

Amazing how much easier so many things are this second time around, breast feeding being one of them. It's all coming back, and seems more manageable. Ask me again though in three weeks and we'll see how things are then. Scott is off work this week, so I've got it pretty awesome. He was a champ through the entire experience, I felt completely spoiled and loved.

Sam is adjusting well, but then, she's only been home for two days. First time he held her, he exclaimed in his high, piping voice, "She gots little tiny toes!" "She gots little tiny ears!" and kissed her so so gently on the top of her head with a loud, smacking "Mmmmuhhh" sound. Thankfully we have it on video, too precious.

It is naptime now and I have 15 minutes to go lay down. Good thing these beginning weeks pass quickly, and that our neighborhood Starbucks is only blocks away. Thanks for all the prayers and support, we love you!


astapp said...

Thanks for the update. It was good hearing your voice this afternoon and I'm sad that I missed your call. The pictures are adorable and I love hearing how much Sam is enjoying Charlotte. What's he calling her? Love you.

Sarah said...

ssoooo happy to hear your precious baby girl entered the world! take it one day at a time, tired mamma!

Jen said...

Sam still calls her "Baby Ric," and it's usually the first thing out of his mouth when he walks in the house or wakes up. "Where Baby Ric?" Hilarious. He does know her name is Charlotte though, we'll get there.