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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


And now we wait.

Went in for my 40 week doctor's appointment last night and was pleasantly surprised that he suggested inducing us on Friday morning, at 6 am. What a crazy thought, Thursday night we're a family of three, Friday we're four, Lord willing.

My brain is having a hard time comprehending the change, what will she be like? What will Sam think when we bring her home? I'm sure she'll be different then Sam as a baby, but how? Trying not to worry about things like colic, and feeding and sleeping at this point, but it's difficult to shut those thoughts out.

Dim memories of cozy, middle of the night feeds, the small sounds babies make when they're happy, the smell of a freshly washed baby hair and head, the first smile and teeny, tiny baby fingers and toes pass through my foggy brain. All that, again.

I am so thankful. Thankful to have a wonderfully empathetic husband who should win some type of award for putting up with my vocal complaining this pregnancy and is eager to sleep at the hospital BOTH nights, should I want him there. Thankful for my precious toddler who is so dear and fun, and will be waiting for us at home. Thankful that I won't be pregnant by Saturday. Thankful that the end of February is near and that means it's almost March and SPRING IS COMING. Thankful for the batch of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough that awaits my return in the garage freezer.

All at once I feel nervous, excited, preoccupied, emotional, and am desperately trying to restrain unnecessary nesting desires. Really, does the house need to be vacuumed again? Why do the closets need to be reorganized, the baby won't be looking at them. Seriously, someone tell me to just go lay down. Maybe tonight after Lost.

Thank you for your prayers as we head into this weekend, pictures, the name and updates to come!


Anita Johnson said...

You look wonderful! We will be waiting on Friday to hear the news...
Love to you!

astapp said...

I love every word of this post. Thanks for sharing, friend. Perhaps we can chat tomorrow? And, you look so cute and small. Seriously, you may not feel small but you do not look huge and I'm jealous/impressed.

Anonymous said...

yay for baby girl Brown! I can't wait to hear your news!