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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Can you tell that I've had a lot of heartburn throughout this pregnancy? I have it now, as a matter of fact. Poor Sam has probably heard me say, "My stomach hurts Buddy, Momma needs a Tums," 12 times a day.

So it didn't really surprise me when he told us that HE needed a Tums, it was coming eventually I suppose.

Days left until Baby #2, the doctor thinks I'll go next week sometime, "or sooner." Thanks. That's helpful.


Anita Johnson said...

We are waiting to hear the exciting announcement!

Jen said...

There was supposed to be a cute video with this that I can't seem to post...blogger doesn't like the HD camera I got for Christmas. :( I'll keep trying...something to keep my mind of the ticking time bomb in my belly. Ha.