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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Well, it's arrived. I'm sure you've read many facebook updates about parents sending their kids off to school for the first time this year. It was Sam's turn yesterday, much to both our consternation.

It went ok. Our preschool has the parents stay with them for an hour the first day. I felt like he would have been just fine if we hadn't been there. Oh well, Thursday will be the true test, I am hopeful that it will go better, as he packed his own snack and is very excited to eat it.

He was also excited about his new backpack, and could barely stand still to take a picture.

Should I be worried about his response yesterday? When asked how he thought school was, Sam answered, "Preposttterrrouss."

I think he actually said "preposterous." Uh, the vocab in those Berenstein Bears books may be a little heavy.


Anita Johnson said...

The pictures are so cute! i'm hoping his second day of preschool is less preposterour than the first! Xoxo

KoStark said...

so cute!!! :-)
now that's one very interesting choice of words he chose to answer on his first day of school... but then, he's one smart little boy... :-)

astapp said...

How did it go yesterday? Preposterous. Love it.

Jen said...

Praise Jesus it was GREAT. He was up at 5:30 am, telling me he was ready for school and could we go yet? Dropping him off I was so nervous, but he only hesitated at the door a second, kissed me twice, hugged me once and ran off into the room.

Only later did I hear that "Sam hit Spencer, and Mrs. Spangler said she'd give him a time out." Doh. I sooooo don't want him to be That Kid. Because I was That Kid and didn't have any friends until high school. And when I told Scott that, he gently patted my back and said, "Oh honey, you know you really didn't have friends until college."