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Thursday, September 09, 2010

"Home, Home on the Range"

I don't why this moment struck me as funny, but it did.

Yesterday morning Sam had been blatantly disobedient about a minor thing, so I placed him in a time out at the top of the stairs.

His beloved harmonica was within reach, I guess, because the next thing I heard were the strains of labored harmonica music wafting down the stairs after me.

All he needed to complete the picture of a small town incarcerated fellow was a tin can, something nice to clank against the bars, playing his harmonica to pass the long hours.


Anonymous said...

Too cuuuuuuute. And... very funny. :)


KoStark said...

haha, i love how he kept inching over to see if you're watching. ;-)

astapp said...

Wyatt and I both enjoyed this.