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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Cowboys!

Ok. I admit it. I'm a poser. Growing up in Chicago, I was barely even a Bears fan. Let's be honest: the last Bears game I remember actually watching was the 1985 Super Bowl as a sub-ten year old, excited because my dad was into it.

Well, fate had me marry a faithful Cowboys fan, Scott grew up in Dallas and he and his entire family are all dedicated Cowboy zealots.

Up until this year I've held off joining in wholeheartedly. It felt fake, like I was late to the party and didn't really bring a gift with me.

But last year I received my very own Tony Romo jersey, and wore it 8 months pregnant, stretched tightly over Charlotte-en-womb. My resistance has finally been worn down and I told Scott that, as a birthday present (along with the obnoxiously awesome 3'x5' house flag) that I'd really make an effort to get into the games with him this year. My only concern was that it wouldn't be real, that people would know I was a big faker.

He had an answer for that, boy did he. All I have to do is memorize the starting line up. And know who all the players are and what they do.

Yes, we have had quizzes. Multiple-a-week quizzes.

Not sure how I'm doing so far, all I can remember are Marion Barber, Miles Austin, Tony Romo and some guy with a name like Tinekwa or something like that. Shoot. It's Tashard, not Tinekwa. Tashard Choice.

Good thing it's the season opener tonight, I've got time.


Kristin M. said...

Love this. It will make your hubby so happy to share in his excitement. And you're not a poser. . . .it's OK to develop new interests throughout life for ANY reason.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the best part of football Sundays is the food. Around here we always call it 'football snacks'...and they are always tasty and never healthy :)

Enjoy Football Season!
Jennie Henry