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Monday, March 21, 2011


I posted this little gem of a picture already on Facebook, but it so well classifies how I feel about all this rebranding that I needed to show it here as well.  Sam and I enjoyed a little coffee date down in Naples one morning, it also happened to be the day of Starbucks big 40th anniversary roll out.

My kid learned to read his letters off their logo.  I think he could pick out the word "coffee" from just about anywhere.  Oh well.

I guess Charlotte developed a taste for caramel macchaiatos' down in Florida as well.  She kept reaching for my cup so finally I gave the remnants to her once, curious to see what she'd do.  

She sucked it down, licking feverishly after the stray drops.  What have I done?

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Anonymous said...

I ADORE that he is so disgusted that the logo changed!