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Monday, March 14, 2011


So we are just getting back into town from an embarrassingly long and sweetly wonderful two weeks in Florida.  We drove down, 20 hours straight, there and back, and stayed with my grandparents in their three bedroom condo, located in Naples.

Living together for 14 days, watching my children interact with their great grandparents on such an intimate, constant level, was precious.  I honestly miss the daily contact, knowing they will be waiting for us, sitting on the couches reading their newspapers, when we get in from the day.  Charlotte would kick her legs excitedly when we neared the front door, anticipating the smiles and hugs.  Upon coming home to an unusually empty condo one afternoon, Sam looked around and disappointedly said, "Where are all my friends?"

I took close to 300 pictures, attempting to capture these memories on film, in hopes that my children will remember too.  Pictures and videos to come.

In the meantime, it is good to be home.  My own bed felt great, I slept like a dead person when we finally collapsed at 2 am after driving for 20 hours, early Sunday morning.  And the birds are back.  And the chives are starting to come in.  And Sam and I found evidence of the first crocus's peeking their green buds through the cold soil on our walk this morning, looking around excitedly for signs of spring.  It was 32 degrees and we both needed gloves, but She's coming.
And here, Sam enjoys a brisk first round of the season.

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