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Monday, March 21, 2011

I Believe I Can Fly

So Sam has discovered Superman.  It happened in Florida, when I came across these jammies at Target.  Lucky for him, I'd forgotten to pack any summer jammies.  I spied the cape and thought he'd enjoy it.

Little did I know how these jammies would change his life.  All of our lives, really.

It was love at first sight.

The boy didn't even know what the "S" stood for, but yet his eyes gleamed with an unearthly glow.  He immediately wanted to know who Superman was, what his powers were, and if this cape would, in fact, allow him to fly.

I'll let you see for yourself...

"Whatcha doing?"

"I twying to FWWYYY!"

The rest of the trip, we searched You Tube for clips from the original movie, music from John William's amazing theme song, and racked our brains to remember the plot for the hilariously cheesy Superman II movie.

He's obsessed.  And I love it.  I love how committed he is to becoming Superman, so much so that he wipes out after jumping up high to fly.

There is little left in my adult life that I still feel this way about, but I think the ability is still there.  Hopefully enough of a seed so that I can join him in that magical place, Pretend.  To be whoever we want to be, to fight evil with our special powers, to play.

And when Charlotte is older, she can come too.  Maybe she can be She-Ra.


astapp said...

Love it. The shot of Charlotte on the beach is adorable. Miss you!

Jen said...

It's the hat. The hat totally makes the shot. :)

Anonymous said...

OK. Sam is awesome! Fabulous! Love love love PRETEND! It is way too short lived! Eat it up! Jo March and her sisters totally got pretend and I adored the places it took them! Anne of Green Gables got it too! Oh.... and Maria helped those stiff Von Trapp children to finally enjoy the fun, as well! You know how much our home has enjoyed make believe.... tea parties, paper dolls, forts! Let's work on a new idea for Charlotte. Who is She-Ra anyway!?!


Anita Johnson said...

Hi Jen! Oh, that Sam is so cute. And I'm a sucker for capes. For Elliot's 4th birthday, I sewed capes for all the little party guests, but he was always Batman and Ben had to be Robin. Sam looks pretty proud of himself!I just got home from visiting Colleen and Casey and their new little girl, Ellie Linnea. I had so much fun...Owen called me "Nice Nina". And now, I want everyone to call me that too. I sure hopw we get to see each other one of these days!