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Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm on hold with 1-800-APL-CARE right now.  I've been holding for two hours now.  Why does the nice man on the recording continue to say "thank you for holding, all product specialists are busy.  The wait time is 15 minutes or more." 

Ah HA.  Ha ha ha haha.  It's the "or more" loophole.  They must not have a recording that says "Thank you for holding, we'll be with you in 29 hours and 18 minutes."  

Too bad my stupid questions will probably take all of 90 seconds to fix.  

Sigh.  Still love the new iMac, I just wish I knew how to use it.


Carlene said...

Hi there, and...I have no idea how I found your blog, LOL! I think I was searching Illinois food blogs? Anyway, I'm glad I found you! I'm in Illinois, too (Rockford). Brrr.

p.s. I am a Mac user, and have been for years. If you have any (mostly non-super-technical) questions, I can try to help you out.

J said...

I just finally read this comment, nice to meet you! Our mac issues are just about all worked biggest one has to do with a glitch in iCal. Supposedly they're "working on it." Everything else has been fabulous though, I'm in love with iPhoto.

My grandparents live in Rockford and one of my favorite restaurants is there too! The Stockholm Inn...YUM.

Carlene said...

That's how I found you, LOL! I was doing a Google search for Stockholm Inn! (we were going to have breakfast there on Thanksgiving, but they were closed).