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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let's Talk Turkey

Ok, it's been a busy few days with the holiday come and gone, but I thought I'd pass along an update:
Is it conceited if I say it was the BEST turkey I've ever had?  No offense to the decades of delicious turkeys I've been eating under my grand
mother's, aunt's, and mother's helm...  SO worth the research, hassle, time and effort.  It helped to have two other wonderful cooks providing all of the sides and homemade pies so that I was able to concentrate on the turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberries.  

Here are some action shots for your enjoyment:
The bird before cooking, wiped down in orange halves and slathered with herb butter.
The table, set with our china and sterling for the first time.
SOooo juicy and delicious, I've got to say that the brine really does make a difference.  

It felt somewhat momentous, following in the footsteps of generations of women on my mother's side.  All in all, a wonderful day from start to finish.  

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