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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chubby Baby at the Pool

Please ignore my Bert-like (from Bert and Ernie) voice, when will I learn to say less on videos? I certainly don't want to hear myself and I imagine no one else does either. :)

Side note, the last week has been a tough one, Charlotte decided she no longer preferred to take a bottle, leading us to a hellish battle every time we tried to give her one. I am reluctant to just go cold turkey with it, since I don't have a deadline of going back to's just for my own sanity and the knowledge that Scott and I can get away if we need to at some point in the next 8 months. Here's hoping she gets over it at some point. If she doesn't, as one wise friend pointed out, "You'll blink your eyes and she'll be one." We'll cope.

Scott did tell her after a rough 45 minutes on Saturday that we were drawing up the adoption papers. Charlotte dear, don't believe him.


Kristin M. said...

i love her adorable giggles!

Mindy said...

But it's such a cute voice full of Mommy-love:

KoStark said...

awww, she's such a cutie pie. :-) thanks for sharing. <3