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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Training of the Potty

Well, it's been a week.

Seven days ago we began potty training with Sam. It has been a long, house-bound, interesting week. I've only been "peeped" on once. Only had to wash out poopy underwear twice. That's still two times too many. The kid is a champ, he totally loves going on the big potty now, and will chase me down, asking if he can go, in order to earn yet another jelly belly. We have consumed countless number of candies, I hate to see what the dentist will say when he goes later this year. One thing at a time though.

Seems like he's got it (knock on wood), much to my relief. I jumped the gun (just alittle, ha) with trying earlier. Sam still wears a diaper at night and during naps, but for the most part we now have only one child in diapers. What will I do with all that extra money each month? Started by buying myself Ad Hoc at Home and reading 60 pages of it during naptime.

Happy Potty Training to me. I deserve it.


Katie P said...

Way to go Mom and Sam! You did it! Didn't sound like it was that painful of a process. Very proud of both of you! :)

Mindy said...

Yes, yes you do. I've often thought I should get M&M's too for all my effort in training them:)

Jon said...

WOOHOO!!! way to go.

Anita Johnson said...

My kids were slow to get the hang of it, so I ate all the candy. Way to "go", Sam!

Loretta John said...

Nice going there! Now he's up a notch of being a young man. How's Sam doing lately? With all the rewards for potty training, he must have had a long talk with his dentist. But at least, he got through the training without so much of a problem.