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Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Lovely Weekend

Grace just left, having driven down from Ann Arbor Friday night. I feel like it wasn't nearly a long enough visit, but we both have responsibilities at home and cannot pretend we are still the girls who run to catch trains in Geneva, Switzerland, sit in coffee shops journaling about our angst, and eat ice cream three times a day with no thought to our 22 year old hips.

She is a dear friend and it was so much fun to drive into the city on a torrentially raining Saturday morning to enjoy breakfast at our favorite spot, Fox and Obel. That's the breakfast burrito with potatoes, a double baked almond croissant and a caramel latte, in case you wondered. It was luxerious to just SIT. Finish our sentences. Eat a meal uninterrupted and savor the taste of the food. Wander the store aimlessly. Laugh at how ditzy I've become, feeling like the baby is somehow taking all my brain cells. Shop on Michigan Ave. Lust over the iPad at the Apple Store. Suck down a papaya lime juice from Rick Bayless's XoCo. And...much to Sam's jealous amazement, make friends with the giant, Lego Woody at the Lego Store on Michigan. His little heart is breaking, believing that Woody is cheating on Bo Peep with Grace.

Just kidding. Thanks for coming Grace, someday we will be able to go farther, for longer. I'll take what I can get for now.


Jon said...

Did I finish my sentences? I didn't think I was capable . . .

YOU are amazing. and you're NOT ditzy.

somehow you're able to post these amazing entries and have fabulous pics of your kids and potty train at the same time. and counsel me on how to break alice out of a swaddle. love you.

Jen said...

Ok, to clarify to anyone else reading's Grace logged in as her husband Jon....took me a while to realize it reading the above comments. You scared me there for a minute, couldn't tell who it was! :) And why are you writing ME thank you notes? You are the one who drove five hours to hang out with my barely potty trained 3 year old!