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Sunday, June 06, 2010

First Annual Pool Trip!

We hit the pool at Medinah, Memorial Day Sunday, after a loooonnnngggggg winter of Sam asking, "'Member the pool? 'Member da diving board?" And sure enough, with no hesitation he marched his newly-turned-three legs up to the big diving board, crawled right up there, and jumped right in. Over and over and over again. We couldn't get him away! Finally Scott had to move to the side and that little guy did it all by himself, straight down into the water.

Charlotte was a champ. By 5:30 pm the sun had moved low enough where she could enjoy the warm water with the rest of us. She LOVED it. Not quite sure what she thinks of a bathing suit though. I think she wants more ruffles. Thank you Mary for the adorable swim suit! She would have stayed in the water with me for hours.

A lovely evening and a great way to use our post nap time. Looking forward to many more days like this, Lord willing.


Jon said...

LOVE the pic of charlotte in the suit. it won't be the first one with that look.

Jen said...

So much forehead! Let's hope her hairline improves...