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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh. MY. lord.

WHAT IS that?!?!?!?!

I just came in from getting the mail on our front porch (BAREFOOT) and narrowly missed stepping on this, this, rhino of a bug. Anyone know what he is? What shall I do with him? Flip him over with a stick and let him continue on his merry way? Squish him? Ohh, I don't think I can handle the crunch he'd make.

Can someone come over and take care of it for me? Anyone? Anyone?

Scott has something to look forward to now when he gets home from his golf outing today. Heh.


Kristin M. said...


Jen said...

And HORNS!!!! Seriously. The thing has HEFT too, I tried to turn it over with a stick and it clicked and thudded. Ugh.

Mindy said...

A weird cockroach??

Anonymous said...

June Beetle? Stag Beetle? Ringo, Paul, George.......? ;)


Anonymous said...

first--I think it is a male stag beetle. second-I found your site while looking for a recipe today third--I cant stop have a beautiful family and the food looks wonderful. I will now follow you